Who We Are?

We are builders. Doers. Solution driven. Adaptable.

And foremost a top-tier creative high-performance technology company working with the freshest and newest technology available for operators around the world to succeed in iGaming.

Our expertise in fixed-odds technology and specialty in converting any game into a fixed-odds environment, as well as creating and designing custom-made games into a fixed-odds model is our greatest skill and distinction in the industry.

Pariplay recently joined a partnership with U.S based and publicly traded gaming company Majesco Entertaintment to provide greater services and distribution opportunities for our partners.

With our experienced and industry tested executive team with over a decade of in-depth iGaming experience, Pariplay is on the forefront in developing new genres of interactive and innovative gaming experiences utilizing our fixed-odds technology. Pariplay provides both higher levels of gaming entertainment for players, while operators utilize a risk adverse and profitable system.

Pariplay provides real gaming solutions for the expanding international iGaming market with speed, focus, and precision.

Our very own in-house-developed platform, system, and SMTM back office allows us to avoid legacy systems and use only the best technology to create our custom designed games for our partners. Our modular designed propriety system, proven experience and comprehensive knowledge of the gaming industry combined with our speed of production, adaptability, and customization abilities for any project, makes us a top choice for many operators in the iLottery, iGaming and Social Gaming arenas.

Our games and content are capable of being localized into 12 different languages due to our unique content library that makes any language customization an easy task. Our entire games library can be localized into any language and culture in an instance.

Our technology doesn’t stop there. Our Social Gaming capabilities, both in social gaming development, and our SMTM backend technology that drives those operations, are all available for our partners.

Pariplay has it all... A true one-stop-shop technology provider for all your iLottery, iGaming, and Social Gaming operational needs!